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Template creation

Template creation

All knowledge required to create and set up templates is delivered to you and your team in a two-day, detailed product training. After training, Lead-Print customers can request assistance via our Live Assistant support.

Backend layout

Basically, any print on demand (customisable) item can be created and set up in the HTML5 layout tool. There is also an extensive set of rules to refine the initial layout design. All items can be fully controlled by means of these two components.

Adobe InDesign Import

Documents or templates that were created in Adobe InDesign can be conveniently imported into the backend of Lead-Print MICROSHOP, Lead-Print ONLINE CREATOR, and Lead-Print PRINT LOUNGE. This significantly reduces the time required for multiple-page documents, as all images and text boxes are properly captured, including their position parameter.

Lead-Print's Web2Print products are suitable for clients from numerous industries, which use them to optimise printing and customisation processes while boosting overall efficiency.

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