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Special solutions

Special solutions

Lead-Print has become a de facto standard in the printing industry. However, a standard should not be mistaken for rigidity. All Lead-Print systems can be adjusted to meet nearly 100% of your requirements. Starting from the frontend to purchasing and procurement processes, e.g., over to SAP, Lead-Print systems can be integrated as required and on a use-case basis.

Shop design

Each shop is as unique as you and your company. Accordingly, shop design can be individually crafted and implemented using CSS and HTML through the Smarty engine. With the multi-shop functionality, sub-shops can offer a completely distinct appearance. Needless to say, the product range can be customised according to the sub shop. To accelerate your Live-Gang, we are pleased to offer several pre-designed templates (shop designs). Don't hesitate to reach out to our consultants for further information.

Personalisation user interface

Each personalised product requires an appealing and user-friendly personalisation interface. One of the best examples of this is, which was drawn up using Lead-Print ONLINE CREATOR. Taking into account the target group and the product, the individualisation process has been simplified and playfully re-designed in accordance with performance requirements.

Lead-Print's Web2Print products are suitable for clients from numerous industries, which use them to optimise printing and customisation processes while boosting overall efficiency.

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