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Well-trained employees are the basis for successful long-term projects.

This is also holds true for Web2Print. All our trainers boast strong training skills and extensive practical experience in dealing with people and groups. Furthermore, they undergo an internal certification training. Your training is thus much more than simple product training: it is practical training with suggestions and recommendations on how to best use your Lead-Print Web2Print system. Our trainers and consultants will gladly provide detailed information in advance on the content and extent of the relevant product training.


Lead-Print customers are self-managed! All skills required for the administration and setup of items, print samples, and order management are delivered through a one to two-day product training, in an in-depth and practical manner. The duration of the product training depends on the Lead-Print solution license, and the use case.

Training venue

In general, the training takes place at our premises in Willich. Of course, the training may also be conducted externally or at your site. Talk to our consultant about it. Equipment, the essential component and base of any successful training, is the key factor in this respect. Please reach out to our consultants for further information.

Number of participants

There is no limit to the number of participants on our side, and the daily rate does not depend on it. You will receive all costs beforehand in writing, presented in a transparent and clear fashion. Please contact our consultants by phone or email should you lack the latest price information,

Lead-Print's Web2Print products are suitable for clients from numerous industries, which use them to optimise printing and customisation processes while boosting overall efficiency.

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