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Your Web To Print shop solution

Discover the DRUCKSHOP.

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Simple and fast installation

Create your own print shop in just a few days. There is no limit whatsoever to the number of users and items. Each shop is designed to be as unique and exclusive as your company, and the products and services it offers. As you set up your print shop, you receive a one-day product training with our coach.

Lead-Print recommendation: Prepare the items you intend to offer in your print shop. We shall gladly provide any assistance and tools required to that end.

Comprehensive item costing

Item costing is specifically tailored to the needs of print and media service providers. The settings, specially adapted to individual printing processes, provide almost infinite flexibility and allow numerous combinations. Whether offset printing, digital printing, letterpress printing or large format printing, Lead-Print DRUCKSHOP provides the perfect product commercialisation platform. Standard functionality includes costing of folding cartons, packaging, and the CAD print or plot.

Lead-Print recommendation: Each item requires its own costing form. Key costing factors include the so-called order options, which can be circulation-dependent or independent. We shall gladly provide any assistance and tools required to that end.

Upload Online- Preflight

Online pre-flight data check

Check your customers' data for printability directly during the upload. For example, you can verify the suitability of resolution (DPI), embedded fonts, security settings, page size and dimensions. Each verification and its result can be adjusted at the item level, allowing appropriate action on your side. Whether acting upon an information or error message, the decision is always yours.

Lead-Print recommendation: Competition is the way forward. Analyse your market competitors and define a profitable strategy for you and your company.

Reseller and multi-shop functionality

Sell special products in their own separate shop. Implementing this approach is very easy with the multi-shop functionality. Each sub-shop features its own design, and a clearly separate content based on identical items. This functionality also allows setting up so-called reseller shops (incl. premium). In this case, resellers are granted limited administration rights.

Lead-Print recommendation: Less is often more! Most items or item variations sell better over suitable platforms, because advertising refers solely to the items and not to the entire shop.

Adaptable automation

Automation levels can be determined based on business and production processes. For example, you can decide whether generated jobs are communicated the “traditional” way via email, or transferred via FTP Push (CSV, PDF, JDF, XML) to a hot folder. Batch processing and the generation of order-relevant documents such as invoices, delivery notes, and job tickets offer an optimal working environment and ensure smooth workflows.

Lead-Print recommendation: Increase the automation level via interfaces only if the high order volumes makes proper order tracking and visibility unfeasible.

Numerous interfacing options

The standard functionality in Lead-Print DRUCKSHOP includes payment interfaces to PayPal, sofortü, and credit card processors, as well as DHL, UPS or GLS shipping services. Climate-neutral production by connecting to ClimatePartner is also part of the application. The same applies to integration with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Lead-Print recommendation: Not every payment interface is cost-effective.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

The entire Lead-Print DRUCKSHOP is optimised for search engines. This includes extensive functions for so-called on-page optimisation (metatags, URL rewrite, 301 redirect, Google Tag Manager, Robots.txt. Alt Tags). If that were not enough, multi-shop functionality allows introducing different content and landing pages.

Lead-Print recommendation: Spend some extra time on research and preparation.

Responsive (mobile-ready) and modern layout

The shop template has been designed and developed according to the latest web standards and trends, as well as search engine parameters. This helps present your high-quality products and services in a modern and contemporary fashion, while ensuring compatibility with optional responsive design.

Lead-Print recommendation: Mobile devices are increasingly pervasive. Therefore, the search engine leader expects a mobile version of your DRUCKSHOP.

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