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Mailing-on-Demand ,odule allows flexible direct marketing

With the Mailing-on-Demand module, Lead-Print offers an efficient solution, that automatically generates personalized and fully addressed mailings.

The Module is an extension for the Web2Print-System PRINT LOUNGE, a closed B2B-Portal for printing products according to your CI. For instance: Franchise-Companies can faciliate their stores the possibility, to create a mailing drive on their own.

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Keyfeatures of the Mailing-on-Demand-Module

Icon Bundle

Create individual mailing bundles

Create mailing packages for your customers, in an easy and uncomplicated way. Whether it is an advertising letter in combination with an information brochure or other components – with the Lead-Print Mailing-on-Demand module there are almost no restrictions.

Icon Automatisierung

Automatic filling of the mailing templates

The perfect interaction between the latest shop-technology and graphic arts expertise enables numerous automatisms, that provide cost-effective support to the operator.

Icon Upload

Upload adress data easily

Address data are elementary mailings. All components for creating or completing an entire mailing are queried step by step in the order workflow, so that the customer keeps the overall view at all time. This way the customer has a complete overview any time. A highlight is the import of entire address lists, which decreases a vast amount of work during the creation of a mailing.

Icon Postage Optimization

Postage optimization

The Lead-Print Mailing-on-Demand module is unique because it contains real time postage optimization in accordance with guidelines of our premium partner, Deutsche Post AG. In conjunction with the Mail Optimizer, the postage optimization is triggered within only a few seconds and the postage is calculated live.

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How does the Mailing-on-Demand-Modul work?

Mailing Ablauf

1. Pick a mailing template

The employee logs on to the locked ordering portal for printing products. There he finds various templates for different topics and campaigns. From the given templates, the employee chooses a fitting template. In the next step he immediately receives a pre-calculation for his campaign.

2. Enter address data

The employee now uploads all the address data of the respective customers or recipients in the form of Excel or CSV files to the mailing. The data is automatically added to the template by the module. For this process you can choose between two options:

a) The respective user can upload the address data independently in the shop by himself.
b) Any and all address data are already uploaded by a central spot, so that the respective user only has access to data signed to him.

Option b) is especially sensible, when you have to consider several privacy policies.

3. Personalization of the mailing

The personalization can be done by importing data from an Excel or CSV file, by using personalization elements in the editor, by manual intervention or by a compound of all three previously stated options. The employee can now accommodate the mailing for his specific purpose. Moreover, the employee can also individualize pictorial elements. Does the recipient have daughter? In that case he can simply change the picture of a little boy to the picture of a little girl.

4. Consignment of the mailing

The Mailing-on-Demand module now generates a PDF-File and transfers it to the corresponding printing contractor. The printing contractor is responsible for production of the mailing, putting it in an envelope and the consignment of the mailing.


Beyond the Module: Additional services

The Web2Print brand leader works alongside several specialized partner companies and conciliates (if required) an appropriate printing contractor.

If you are interested in the Mailing-On-Demand module and its additional features and services, then Be.Beyond will present you its new solution on request during a WebEx-Meeting.

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Contact person Gopal Nath
Gopal Nath CEO | Head of Sales
Contact person Gopal Nath

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