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Web2Print for your busines

Innovative interface to online print shops

Flexible choice of printers

Our new, one-of-a-kind fulfilment interface for online printing companies gives you complete flexibility in choosing the right printing service for your needs, whether it's Flyeralarm, print24, Vistaprint, or a local print shop.

The add-on can be integrated into the Lead-Print web-to-print solution giving you a comprehensive system for handling all sorts of print jobs. Whatever product you need printed, whether it's business cards, flyers, tee shirts, promotional items, mugs, or anything else, you can set everything up in a CI-compliant, closed B2B printing portal. The electronic interface then organises the processing of your order automatically by assigning each product type to the appropriate provider. The fulfilment interface can also be integrated into any ERP system such as SAP or Ariba as well as into any open-source shop systems like Magento.

fulfilment interface

Fully automated order process

Once you've completed your order, the fulfilment system will automatically send each item in your order to the correct printing service. There's no longer any need to contact several print shops manually to get your job done! The system also guarantees standardisation of products across media, ensuring that they are all delivered in the same level of quality. The automation also makes your ordering processes simpler, saving you time and money. The fulfilment interface already gives you access to approx. 50% of all the print shops in Germany. This number is constantly being expanded as new companies sign up to be the print shops of the future.

Lead-Print's Web2Print products are suitable for clients from numerous industries, which use them to optimise printing and customisation processes while boosting overall efficiency.

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